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We are private treaty specialists trained in negotiating high prices, face to face! Learn why we recommend private treaty sales as opposed to auctions.


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Why You Shouldn’t Auction Your Home?   

Think of it this way, in public auctions each buyer knows what the other party is bidding and they compete with each other by raising the price usually by small amounts. Above reserve price and at the point one buyer is prepared to pay $1 more than the other, your house is sold. But how much extra would the successful buyer have paid for your property had he not known the others bid? You will never know the answer to this question in an auction.

Auction Costs

Spending up to 10% of your annual salary in advertising, marketing and auction fees is no guarantee of a result on Auction day. In fact should your home pass in at under your reserve price the effort will have been in vain!

Auction Pressure

Having spent an enormous sum on an auction and time preparing their property, home sellers frequently find themselves under pressure to reduce their price and “meet the market” rather than waste their money and their efforts on the day. Though this is the easiest way for an auction agent to earn a sales commission, it isn’t a good position to be in when selling.

Failed Auctions

Not only that, the chances of attaining a high price for your property can be destroyed by having it passed in for a low price in front of a large crowd. Onlookers will wonder what is wrong with your home and why it didn’t sell on the big day.

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Buyers Price Declaration

As private treaty specialists Anderson Family Real Estate are trained in negotiating high prices, face to face! We use the Buyers’ Price Declaration as a means to obtain the highest possible price for you. We price your property to create a sense of competition so that purchasers will want to make their best offer and snap it up before someone else does. Best of all, buyers won’t know what others are offering to purchase your property.


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