What are the best streets in Redcliffe?

Redcliffe is a great place to live, a coastal suburb on Moreton Bay just 28 kilometres away from Brisbane and serving as the CBD for the Redcliffe Peninsula and its surrounding suburbs.

The city was named by explorer John Oxley as “Red Cliff Point” and was Queensland’s first colony in 1824, soon after abandoned for Brisbane. From the 1880’s, Redcliffe became a popular seaside resort location close to Brisbane.

Land Releases in Redcliffe back in the day

Early Release of Land in Redcliffe

The first high-rise apartment building was “Redcliffe Towers” in Marine Parade finished in 1974. The following year, “Warwick Tower” was built allowing for a new building height limit of eight storeys in the area. Nowdays, Redcliffe has a height restriction of twelve storeys along its main strip and new development is constantly underway, infrastructure upgrades are needed to cope for the constantly growing population.

Redcliffe still has an an old-world feel to it. The waterfront has been completely renovated in the last couple of years, and has beautiful art work, the war memorial, and good seating and views along the water. The Settlement Lagoon area is a wonderful place for families with a huge swimming area and a big play park adjacent. On Sundays the whole waterfront area is alive with the Waterfront Market with food stalls, buskers and art and crafts.

Best Streets in Redcliffe to live in are Redcliffe Parade, Aleisha Court, Scarborough Road, McNaughton Street, Humpybong Esplanade and Louis Street.

This table shows key info about the people who live in Redcliffe.

Redcliffe population and demographics

Redcliffe home price growth from 1990

Homes and apartments in Redcliffe show steady growth over the past 15 years.

In Redcliffe the median house price is $387,500 up from just over $100,000 15 years ago in 2000. Annual capital growth averages just under 4%.

Redcliffe still has some great bargain homes with potential for capital growth as the population continues to grow and prices continue to rise.

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*  Statistics courtesy of ABS & Pricefinder.

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What are the best streets in Redcliffe?